Monday, 1 July 2013

Derbyshire Wye 22/06/2013

Fortunately the weather held for our trip up to the river Wye in Bakewell - although all forecasts had pre-empted heavy rain and strong winds throughout the day. This year we were also able to book a last minute slot for my grandad who had travelled down from Scotland to visit us (perhaps the predicted rain had put someone else off?!)

I found that sitting and waiting in a likely looking spot would eventually reveal a rise; and, although it was tough going, some patience and keeping a low profile usually resulted in success.

Midge and sedge patterns proved useful throughout the body of the day with large bulky flies paying dividends later on - as my dad discovered on the stretch through town in the last few hours of sunlight.

Here are a few snaps

 A nicely marked wild rainbow for my dad

 Golden bar running down to the pelvic fin

Simply a gem of a fish

A bruiser!

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Regular Rod said...

Well done Patrick. You cannot do better than sit hiding and watching!