Monday, 17 June 2013

Start Afresh

This blog has been forced to start again after almost two years worth of posts became corrupt and un-readeable. I've managed to save the word content of the posts but all photos have been lost. The recent ones are still stored on my P.C, but to re-add them to each post would be a mammoth task and spare time is at a premium these days.

Due to this recent busy period, my time on the bank has been limited somewhat, although I did manage to eventually get some decent drake sport on the Derwent this year after a weeks hard efforts spent fruitlessly on the Dove! I also recently caught a few perch on a hand tied fly (a first for me, and something that I've been attempting to do for a while now).


Regular Rod said...

Lovely fish Patrick. Especially the Perca fluviatilis!!!


Patrick said...

Thanks Richard, I was pleased with it also.

I spent a day on your lovely river Wye last Saturday which I hope to get around to writing about, just as soon as I find my camera cable!