Tuesday, 10 December 2013


This is an interesting stretch of river to fish, made even more so by the added pressure of early arriving Wednesdays fans, watching us fish before their game kicked off this Saturday. 

This urban stretch of river holds many interesting relics ranging from electric guitars to desk chairs. All unwanted and thrown away in to one of our previously most polluted rivers. This river has changed dramatically since my dad was a young angler, once inhospitable, is now our 'go to' grayling river.

Semester 5 of University is drawing to a close, which means one thing... head down for dissertation work some free time for me on the bank!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


O.K, not exactly the fattest of ladies, but there's not been much happening on the fishing front for me recently. However, these two lovely grayling from Saturdays afternoon on the Derwent will keep me enthusiastic about the challenges of winter to come.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Derbyshire Wye 22/06/2013

Fortunately the weather held for our trip up to the river Wye in Bakewell - although all forecasts had pre-empted heavy rain and strong winds throughout the day. This year we were also able to book a last minute slot for my grandad who had travelled down from Scotland to visit us (perhaps the predicted rain had put someone else off?!)

I found that sitting and waiting in a likely looking spot would eventually reveal a rise; and, although it was tough going, some patience and keeping a low profile usually resulted in success.

Midge and sedge patterns proved useful throughout the body of the day with large bulky flies paying dividends later on - as my dad discovered on the stretch through town in the last few hours of sunlight.

Here are a few snaps

 A nicely marked wild rainbow for my dad

 Golden bar running down to the pelvic fin

Simply a gem of a fish

A bruiser!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Start Afresh

This blog has been forced to start again after almost two years worth of posts became corrupt and un-readeable. I've managed to save the word content of the posts but all photos have been lost. The recent ones are still stored on my P.C, but to re-add them to each post would be a mammoth task and spare time is at a premium these days.

Due to this recent busy period, my time on the bank has been limited somewhat, although I did manage to eventually get some decent drake sport on the Derwent this year after a weeks hard efforts spent fruitlessly on the Dove! I also recently caught a few perch on a hand tied fly (a first for me, and something that I've been attempting to do for a while now).